Would you like something special for someone, or for a concert or occasion? Commissioning a piece could make that a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It can also be a priceless experience for working with the composer; in the client/composer relationship we talk about and plan the piece, according to your wishes and my talents. So, we discuss the kind of piece you’d like me to write — whether a song, a chamber piece, an electroacoustic artwork (setting text or not) or something for larger forces such as an orchestral piece. I work with today’s sounds, combining my Western European classical training with my background in jazz, blues, pop, and electronica. In our preparatory discussion, I pay attention to your particular tastes and/or a narrative or instrumental style you want expressed — and since your name is on the piece, you invest in the future of the piece, the future of music, and leave your mark on the art of our era.
After we discuss the length and other parameters of the proposed work, we set a deadline. The budget is determined by the scope and instrumentation, and by the nature of the funding source. Costs vary and my prices are flexible, but you can get an idea of standard commissioning fee ranges from Meet the Composer; they have posted a quick guide. MTC can also help with the commissioning process or act as a fiscal agent for tax purposes. That said, I want to work within your budget, so by all means feel free to offer what fits.
When commissioned by performers, I ask about what kind of audience and program the piece is for, and what kinds of techniques and/or mood or style you want to explore. During the composition period we meet to work through the piece as its being generated, making adjustments per client requests or discussion; thus, the performer can take part in the creative process.
I enjoy working with clients, whether performers or non-musicians, and welcome your inquiries at [email protected].
—  Jennifer Griffith



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