March Reading

The piece is coming together. We’ve been making some enormous changes at the last minute, but that makes it more fun for me.  It’s been a very collective effort–Patrick, Michael, Connie and I all brainstorming to make things work dramatically. But really regret that Dominic has been away, and not involved. There’s still things to be worked out, kinks and such, but overall it feels good. What do I know, I’m too close to everything. We’ll find out more soon–the reading’s tomorrow. I’m writing out changes this afternoon, and working with Mila (our intrepid music director) to make sure details we discovered at the dress last night are attended to–or at least as many of them as we can. Very wonderful collaborating with all–to boot, we have a really efficient and clever stage director, Vivien Lehany. So this reading doesn’t seem like so many I’ve attended where the acting is minimal and things tend to be vague except for the emotional transmission in the music. Also have a really weirdly, wildly comic Stan in Jonathan Kline. What a stroke of luck.

And sadly, the nuclear disaster in Japan continues to haunt me and others. Those poor people victimized, the workers still trying to save the day. God, what a horrendous situation, brought about by stubborn, shortsighted environmental policies.

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